This summer we will be cooking with kids at Alexandria House,
a transitional residence for women and children.

Please visit the Alexandria House Website

Real Life Heroes!
We got to cook dinner for some
Real Life Heroes...  L.A. Firefighters!

Photos with the Firefighters

Video: Chef Monkeys
Cooking for Firefighters!

A visit to Kitchen Academy!
Attending the L.A. Magazine "Food Event"
at Kitchen Academy in Hollywood

(more photos in our gallery)

Cooking for Award-winning
Landscape Designer Ruben Flores

More Photos

"Panini Night" Fundraiser
We help raise money to support
Los Angeles based Alexandria House
a transitional residence for women and children in need.

Chef Monkeys Mady, Chace & Kindal
Prepping & Cooking Panini Sandwiches for 200 guests.

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